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Smith Family Tree Removal has a team of highly experienced and dedicated tree technicians who work on properties of all sizes throughout the Northern Fort Wayne area. We work with commercial, municipal, and residential clients on all types of tree pruning, removal, and landscaping projects. Our technicians have the equipment and expertise necessary to provide directional pruning, disaster response, and tree removal you can count on.

Services We Provide

We are a fully-licensed and insured tree service company in Indiana and we offer a wide range of landscaping services. Not only do we have years of invaluable experience, but we also have the tools and equipment to safely and effectively remove dangerous trees, examine and prune heritage trees, and clear away dense brush and vegetation. From land clearing and landscaping, to routine tree maintenance, we do it all!:

  • Tree Removal
  • Dead Limb Pruning
  • Land Clearing
  • Utility and Directional Pruning
  • Tree Cabling and Bracing
  • Landscaping and Mulch

We also offer free quotes and consultations! To assess whether a tree is dangerous, we will come out and look at any tree of concern and evaluate it. We can check for fungus growing at the root, signs of disease and pest infiltration, and dead limbs. If the tree is healthy, we can help prepare the canopy for high winds. Removing dead limbs, crossing limbs, and allowing more airflow can help prevent falling limbs during high winds. Our experienced crew is happy to provide a free consultation and quote for tree removal or maintenance.

What Makes Us One of the Top Tree Service Companies?

Smith Family Tree Removal is a top tree technician in the Northern Fort Wayne area because we do an excellent job and have many satisfied customers. Our attention to detail shows in our completed projects.

Our many years of experience in the landscaping industry provides us the tools, experience, specialized equipment, and eye for detail to do an amazing job every time. We work on both residential and commercial properties. With our extensive experience, we are able to provide a job that clients are satisfied with every time. We are professional, work safely and diligently, and leave properties cleaner than when we arrived.

Whether you need tree removal, tall tree pruning, or landscaping to restore the safety and beauty of your outdoor spaces, call us today for a free quote.

Our Tree Services

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Commercial Tree Services

Businesses throughout Fort Wayne can benefit from our tree pruning, tree removal and landscaping services. We work with hospital, parks, HOAs, golf courses and other commercial clients to maintain their properties and keep them beautiful and tidy. Removing dead tree limbs, trimming them back from walkways and utility lines, and pruning shrubs will keep your property safe and looking great.

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Tall Tree Removal and Pruning

We have the equipment needed to take care of tall and large trees on your property. Whether the entire tree needs to come down, or if it just needs to be cut back or deadwooded, our bucket trucks will let us access it. Cutting a tall tree down in pieces lets us precisely remove it and prevent harm to surrounding structures. Bucket trucks also let us remove limbs and reduce wind resistance in the crown of a tree.

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Directional Pruning

Trees that are growing close to sensitive installations like power lines need to be trimmed back and pruned to prevent damage. We offer maintenance of trees for cities, homeowners, and business owners. We also offer crown shaping to beautify trees and help lessen wind resistance. Crown shaping is better than topping a tree and helps a tree stay strong and shapely.

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Emergency Prevention

Removing diseased trees and overhanging limbs can help prevent catastrophic damage to your building during the next storm. Our technicians carefully analyze your trees and look for weak spots. Then we carefully prune your trees to help your tree weather the next storm, or remove the tree entirely if necessary.

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Land Clearing

Whether you have a small or large plot of land, we can clear it for you. We prepare land for farming, construction, or new landscaping. Clearing away thick brush and dense shrubbery can be a big job. Our experienced crew has the tools and know-how to efficiently clear land and prepare it for the next project. We also offer emergency disaster response services and help clear fallen limbs, and other storm damage. 


We offer a variety of landscaping solutions for residential and commercial properties. Retaining walls, mulching, pruning, and brush clearing are all part of the land maintenance services we provide. Make the most of your property and enjoy a well-maintained outdoor space.

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