Directional Pruning

Utility Pruning and Crown Raising

Tree Maintenance for All Properties

Smith Family Tree Removal are tree service professionals serving Northern Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas. We maintain trees so they don’t interfere with power lines, sidewalks, and roads. When trees grow too large and become dangerous for surrounding buildings and utility installations, we trim them back. Our highly-experienced tree technicians also offer pruning services like crown-raising that will preserve the beauty of your trees while allowing easy passage for pedestrians and cars.

Our Tree Services

We are a fully-licensed and insured tree service company in Indiana. If you are considering options for maintaining your trees, we have a variety of options to choose from. Our technicians are proud to provide a wide range of services, for both commercial and residential properties. Some of our services include:

We provide free quotes and consultations, and look forward to discussing your next project with you and providing a free estimate. We can also help determine what the best course forward may be. Our team can do more than just prune trees back so they won’t hit power lines and buildings. We can also check them for disease, signs of pest infestation, and dead limbs. If it’s better to remove a tree than to routinely trim it back, we can remove it completely for you.

Maintaining Valuable Trees

Trees provide many benefits – like shade, clean air, preventing erosion, and much more. Our tree technicians help to maintain them so you don’t have to worry about falling limbs, low branches, or long branches getting in the way of public utilities. Directional pruning is a method of trimming trees that maintains as much growth and shade as possible while removing branches that don’t work with surrounding installations. We complete this kind of pruning quickly and efficiently while working to reduce harm to the tree.

We also offer tree pruning services like crown-thinning and raising. When trees are growing close to a path or road, sufficient clearance needs to remain for pedestrians and drivers. Crown-raising is a method of pruning that encourages growth near the top of the tree, and keeps the lower limbs thin and smaller, so they can be removed later with minimal damage. Canopy thinning removes deadwood and specific limbs in order to facilitate greater airflow and less wind resistance. This can help a tree grow with a natural shape and be less affected by strong winds and storms.

Free Estimates

We offer free consultations and estimates. Whether you have a large plot of land with utility lines and need directional pruning, or have a tree getting too close to a walkway or house, we can help! We will evaluate the tree’s health, and provide a free estimate on our trimming services.

We have the proper tools and equipment to maintain all sizes of properties and make sure that trees will not cause damage to your buildings and power lines. Reach out today to get your free quote!

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Tree Maintenance

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Utility Pruning

Keeping trees well clear of utility and power lines is an important part of tree maintenance. Our tree technicians are trained in the best ways to prune trees. Directional tree pruning keeps trees well-clear of sensitive installations like power lines and buildings. We offer maintenance for both residential and commercial properties and can handle any size project!

Pruning for Clearance

We work with parks, property owners, and homeowners to provide crown-raising and other tree maintenance services. Through careful pruning, trees will stay strong and allow plenty of clearance for paths and roads. Using tried and true techniques, we maintain trees and help prevent disease and pest infestation that results from indiscriminate limb cutting.