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Tree Maintenance in Fort Wayne

No Job is Too Big for Our Technicians

Smith Family Tree Removal is a fully-licensed tree service company in Northern Fort Wayne, IN, with years of experience removing and pruning all sizes of trees. We proudly work with municipal clients, homeowners associations, and property owners to maintain beautiful, strong trees on their land, or remove trees that need to come down.

Tree Services We Offer

Our highly-experienced crew of tree technicians provide quality tree removal and trimming services. We clear land, remove dangerous trees, and trim valuable trees throughout the Northern Fort Wayne area. Our services include:

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Fully-Equipped Tree Technicians

Maintaining the trees on your land is a big job. Our team comes equipped with bucket trucks, shredders, climbing equipment, and everything else we need to properly care for your trees. We have decades of experience working with trees in Indiana and know how to trim and remove trees for optimal results.

Tree Pruning

Research has indicated that thinning a tree’s crown can help it withstand severe weather with less stress and downed limbs. However, it’s important to prune and trim trees with an understanding of how a tree grows and which limbs to remove. If a tree is trimmed indiscriminately, it can cause wounds in the trunk that invite pests and decay. Improper pruning may shorten the life of your tree, and also cause it to look unappealing. We have the experience and know-how to prune trees for a natural look and allow it to weather strong winds and storms.

Tree Removal

Trees may need to be removed for a variety of reasons – for example, the tree is diseased, it is too close to a house or building, or the owner wants to clear the land. Our technicians carefully remove trees, ensuring that no damage is done to surrounding property or utility lines. We remove tall trees using our bucket trucks, taking down large crowns and stalks piece by piece. Then we clear away the logs, leaving behind no mess.

We provide tree removal for both homeowners and business owners throughout North Fort Wayne. Removing trees can help prevent storm damage, and ready your property for development. Call us for a free quote on removing trees from your land.

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Tree Removal and Tree Pruning Services

Tree Pruning

Properly pruning a tree keeps it healthy, leafy, and visually appealing. If a tree is pruned too aggressively, it can invite decay and pests and compromise your tree down the line. We do not “top” trees (removing the whole crown), but instead offer beneficial services like deadwooding, crown-raising, canopy-cleaning and other proven pruning techniques.

Tree Removal

No job is too big for our tree technicians to take on! With our experience, know-how, and equipment, we can remove tall trees and clear large areas of land. We can assess your trees for signs of disease, pests, and other weaknesses. If your tree is dangerous to have around, we’ll take it down, ensuring that it won’t fall on your house during a storm.

Directional Pruning

Keep your tree from growing too close to utility lines, roads, and other areas. We offer pruning and trimming that will encourage trees to grow without interfering with the man-made features on your property. Our skilled and knowledgeable team offer utility pruning for municipalities, business owners, and property owners throughout Fort Wayne.

Disaster Cleanup

If you have downed trees or limbs after a storm, we are here to help! We quickly and efficiently clear away heavy limbs and fallen trees. With our heavy equipment, we make short work of storm damage. Our 24/7 emergency services are available to help any property owner restore their property and clear roadways and walkways.