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Tree and Vegetation Removal

Smith Family Tree Removal is a professional and trustworthy landscaping company in the Northern Fort Wayne area. We work with homeowners and property managers throughout the area. Using skills and experience from years of clearing both small and large areas of land, our team clears away trees, dense brush, and thick vegetation to prepare your property for future projects. We offer a full range of land clearing, tree removal, and landscaping services. When you need your site cleared quickly and efficiently, call on us.

Services We Offer

We are a fully-licensed and insured tree service company. We can help with any upcoming land clearing project you have! From scheduled tall tree removal to emergency storm cleanup – we are a landscaping contractor for it all. We are specialists in tree removal and can provide experienced advice on whether a tree is a hazard, or if it can be pruned back to a manageable size. Our services include:

We provide free quotes on all of our tree removal and land clearing services! Call for a free quote and to ask us any questions you have. We look forward to discussing your project with you.

Any Size Lot

With our heavy-duty equipment, bucket trucks, and expertise, we can handle any-size project. We offer lot clearing for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you want to clear out overgrowth and make a gathering space, or remove certain trees and keep other ones, or completely clear land for farming, we can do it all! Our team works quickly, efficiently, and safely, to remove all unwanted growth and vegetation. We also offer storm clean up to restore your land after a severe weather event.

Land Clearing and Maintenance

Preparing land for construction, gardening, or development makes way for any project you want. We provide tree thinning, land clearing, and maintenance as well. After your land is clear, we can help maintain it with our landscaping and tree trimming services. Our top-notch mulching services, expert pruning, and deadwooding can help keep your land looking great, and your plants & trees healthy.

When you want some land cleared and ready for any project, call us for a free quote. Our technician will assess your project with you and work up a free estimate so you can start work knowing exactly what kind of costs you are looking at.

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Driveway Paving Services

Tree Removal

Taking down trees requires attention to detail and caution in order to prevent harm to buildings and surrounding trees. Our highly-experienced contractors are fully-licensed and insured with years of experience in removing all kinds of trees. We use bucket trucks to cut down tall trees, and haul them away for you. We also offer stump grinding to remove stubborn and thick stumps.

Land Clearing

Vegetation and brush removal is one of our specialties. Clearing away dense brush and making the land more usable can completely transform your outdoor spaces. With our heavy equipment and local experience, we can quickly clear any-size yard or acreage by removing any growth you don’t want – trees, vegetation, bushes, etc.!


After your backyard or commercial property is cleared, you may want to create a garden space and beautify your outdoor areas. We offer a variety of landscaping services to make the most of your green spaces and boost curb appeal. We lay mulch, install sod, maintain bushes and prune trees.

Disaster Response

After severe storms, our teams mobilize to help clear roads and yards of fallen trees. If you have downed limbs, toppled trees, and other storm damage, we can help. We’ll use our equipment and expertise to quickly respond to any emergency 24/7 and help clear your property of debris.