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Smith Family Tree Removal is a fully-licensed and insured tree service company in Indiana. We have been serving the Northern Fort Wayne area for many years and are proud to be a top choice for businesses and home owners when they need tree removal and pruning. Our years of experience in maintaining and removing trees helps us spot problems early. We can help prepare your land for severe storms to minimize tree loss and downed limbs.

Residential and Commercial Services

Our highly-experienced tree technicians work with homeowners, business owners, and municipal clients to maintain trees on their property. With our pruning, trimming, and removal, your trees will be healthy and better able to withstand severe weather. In the event of a strong storm that takes down your trees, we also offer emergency response to remove them. Our commercial and residential landscaping services include:

We offer free quotes on everything we do, including all of our removal, pruning and bracing services. Our experienced estimator will discuss your concerns about the trees on your land and go over any questions you have. We can provide experienced advice about removal versus reinforcing, and whether your tree is ready for a pruning or trimming.

How Pruning Reduces Stress on a Tree

When a tree’s canopy is pruned, it allows more wind through with less resistance. This helps reduce the force exerted on the tree. It will be whipped around less, experience less trunk bending, and have less limb movement.

Early and consistent pruning is beneficial to a tree. If a limb grows too large, removing it could cause more harm than good. A large wound can invite pests, disease, and other things that would weaken the tree. Conscientious and knowledgeable pruning is key to keeping your tree in the best health possible. We prune to simulate natural growth patterns – we thin canopies, prune crossing limbs, and trim back other unnecessary growth.

Deadwooding trees is when we remove dead and diseased limbs from a tree. Removing them before strong storms helps prevent falling limbs. It also reduces stress on a tree and restores a more visually appealing look to your trees.

Free Risk Assessment

Our skilled technicians provide free quotes and estimates. We will visit your property to assess the health of your trees and check for the best ways to remove or prune them for strong winds, icy weather, and heavy rains. To get started, give us a call today! 

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Tree Maintenance Services

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Tree Removal

Large trees that have rotted or have weak trunks and roots, pests, or disease are at risk of toppling over during high winds and rains. If these trees are close to buildings, utility lines, or roads, they can cause catastrophic damage when they fall. Early removal of dead and diseased trees is a key element to keeping your property safe and prepared for storms.

Canopy Thinning

Carefully shaping and thinning a canopy throughout a tree’s life can be the key to keeping it healthy and strong. If you have a new or mature tree on your land, and want to make sure it is ready for severe weather, give us a call. With our pruning, it will be able to withstand more wind with less stress and torsion. We also remove crossed limbs that would rub and weaken each other.

Emergency Response

We offer 24/7 emergency services. When you have fallen limbs or trees, we can help haul them away. Our experienced team happily uses our tools and equipment to help families and businesses bounce back from severe weather. We clear roads, remove debris, and take away large limbs and downed trees.  

Tree Shaping

With directional pruning, we help shape trees so they don’t cause damage to surrounding structures. We trim back and prune tree limbs that are growing too close to houses, utility lines, and any other structures. Our bucket trucks and tree climbing equipment let us precisely and efficiently trim any size trees on your property.