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Tree Pruning and Removal in Northern Fort Wayne

Professional and Experienced Tree Technicians

Smith Family Tree Removal is a fully-licensed and insured tree company in the Northern Fort Wayne area. We work with HOAs, businesses, and cities throughout the area. Using skills and experience from years of maintaining all sizes of properties, our crews trim, remove, and maintain trees on commercial properties. We also offer landscaping solutions and lot clearing.

Services We Offer

We can help with any upcoming tree pruning or removal project you have! From new stump grinding to canopy raising – we are a tree service that does it all. We are specialists in careful tree pruning and can provide experienced advice on whether your tree needs to be removed or if removing the dead limbs might be a better solution. Our services include:

We provide free quotes on all of our property maintenance services! Call for a free quote and to ask us any questions you have. We look forward to discussing your project with you.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Pruning a tree thins the tree crown, helping it to be less affected by strong winds. Pruning, deadwooding, and performing crown-raising on young trees help it to stay healthy with minimal limb-fall, and harsh pruning late in its life. Subsequently, this aids in keeping the tree strong and able to withstand storms with less damage and stress.

Tree Removal Services

When you need trees removed from your land, it’s important that you hire a company that is experienced and pays attention to detail. Our crew meticulously removes trees using our bucket trucks. We cut down tall trees piece by piece and lower them carefully to the ground to prevent damage to surrounding structures. When we are done, we haul away the logs so you don’t have anything to deal with. We also offer stump grinding.

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Our Property Maintenance Services

Professional Tree Removal

Our crews carefully and efficiently remove any trees that you need taken down. Even if your tree is near sensitive power lines or buildings, we will precisely take down limbs and the tree trunk so that no damage occurs to surrounding installations. Our expertise ensures professional tree removal every time.

Tree Maintenance

Trimming and pruning trees can help trees live long, healthy lives and reduce fallen limbs. By removing dead limbs, diseased boughs, and trimming trees to increase visual appeal, we will keep your property looking great and maximize the value of the trees you have growing.

Branch Shortening

Trees that are growing too close to buildings or power lines need to be trimmed back. We can cut back trees and help ensure that they don’t damage your property during high winds. With our years of experience, we know what to look for to keep trees healthy and your property safe.

Land Clearing

Our well-equipped teams clear out dense growth, trees, and stumps to prepare your land for any upcoming projects. No matter how big your lot is, we can clear it. With our know-how and professional services, you’ll have a fresh slate to start from!