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For all of your tree pruning and lot clearing needs, Smith Family Tree Removal is here to help. We are highly-experienced in maintaining, trimming, and clearing trees & land throughout Northern Fort Wayne and prioritize customer satisfaction. That is why we are a top choice for residential lots, commercial properties, and parks throughout the area.

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We know that time and money are both valuable, so we don’t waste either. Get prompt customer service when you contact us to set up a free, no-obligation, no-hassle estimate today.

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When you need lot clearing and tree trimming services, count on us to deliver the goods. Our fully-licensed, skilled contractors have know-how in all kinds of land maintenance projects.

Decades of Experience

With that amount of experience, you can be sure you’ll get exactly what you need. Want to check if your roof is safe from potential falling limbs? Let us provide advice with our free consultations.

Our Tree Services

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Commercial Tree Services

To get your project started on a clean slate, call our efficient contractors. We have the equipment to remove dense hedges, tall trees, and clear large lots. Our contractors also have experience in tree-pruning for commercial properties so you can keep beneficial trees with minimal maintenance. Commercial land maintenance is a big job, and we are ready to help business owners in the Fort Wayne area.

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Tall Tree Removal and Pruning

In order to prevent damage to trees, a bucket truck is an invaluable piece of equipment. It allows us to get to anywhere on your tree and precisely cut away limbs. Bucket trucks also help us remove large trees from residential and commercial properties. When it’s not safe to fell a tree, removing it piece by piece using a bucket truck can be the best option.

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Directional Pruning

Trees that are growing by power lines and near buildings need to be routinely pruned to prevent damage. If trees are not cut back, limbs that are near buildings can scrape at siding, put pressure on electricity lines, and cause other damage. Instead of removing the entire tree, strategic branch shortening allows you to keep valuable trees while preventing costly damages.

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Emergency Prevention

Our tree removal experts have decades of experience working with trees of all types. We can assess your property and provide advice. We’ll assess overhanging branches, leaning trees, diseased boughs, and other early warning signs. Then we can provide the most cost-effective, and least-invasive options to prevent catastrophic damage to your buildings.

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Land Clearing

We use our expertise and equipment to clear large tracts of land quickly and efficiently. Our team will remove stumps, dense shrubs, and large trees. Whatever you need cleared and hauled away, we have the know-how and tools to do it. We’ll make quick work of clearing your land so you can start fresh and cultivate your space just how you want.


Take pride in your outdoor spaces with our landscaping solutions! We work on both residential and commercial properties to keep their space beautiful and usable. We trim trees to maintain clearance and reduce storm damage. Our crews install sod and colored mulch. Also, we can place retaining walls and clear out brush for new walkways. Call us for a free landscaping quote today!


I used this company to take down a tree in my back yard. They were prompt, reasonably priced and very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs tree work done.

Kitty J.

These guys are great. We had a big tree fall and they were quick to come out and give us a quote. They were there on time, fast and did a great job cleaning up after the work was done.
Bartie L.

Excellent service, came today & their professionalism was exemplary – apart from the fact a tree was missing you could not have told anyone had carried out any work, they cleaned from the cut area to where they shredded into their vehicle & left it tidier than when they arrived. Highly Recommended.

Billy J.

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We look forward to hearing from you. Let our experienced tree specialists work up a free quote for you. Our no-obligation, no-hassle estimates allow you to get started on your project with no stress. Smith Family Tree Removal has unparalleled landscaping expertise in the Northern Fort Wayne area.

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